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Introducing Mothwing Hard Hats
Posted By: Jason Helms on 1/6/2008

Trison Group gets Covered
Posted By: Jason Helms on 1/5/2008

Manhead Covers available Offline
Posted By: Jason Helms on 1/4/2008

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Introducing Mothwing Hard Hats
Date: 1/6/2008

Nov 2007 - Just in time for Christmas. has partnered up with Mothwing Camo introducing Mothwing dipped custom construction Hard hats. Manhead also is carrying the Mothwing camo hats that are waterproof cotton and will be offering a free Mothwing Camo hat with a purchase of the Custom dipped Hard hat on all purchases placed before Christmas. Be sure to check out the Gameday pattern hats by Mothwing also at
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